Oxyhives Review List Remedies For Hives Other Than Oxyhives

The Oxyhives Review

The Oxyhives Review says that Oxyhives is an all natural medication to the itch, burn and irritation associated with hives. A simple spray squirt under the tongue does all the tricks. The symptoms and irritating rashes soon will all be gone. The body readily absorbs the spray and the painful hives’ symptoms will start to dissipate one by one by one, the swelling, the lesions, the rashes.

Oxyhives Review

While many of the available hives’ medications according to the Oxyhives Review, whether prescribed or over-the-counter, produce side effects, including drowsiness, light and skin sensitivity that will prevent you to drive and work, Oxyhives is a no side-effect formula that allows you to do your everyday chores while Oxyhives does its own choir of hives’ relief for you.

Oxyhives Review - Natural Home Remedies

The Oxyhives Review suggest some home remedies that can be taken vis-a-vis the Oxyhives treatment to further put your fight against hives in full gear.

Cold Compresses

You can take cool compresses and even try cool compresses made with cold oatmeal or baking soda. Cold compresses are the most widely used home remedy for itch alleviation according to the Oxyhives Review.


In the Oxyhives Review you can take cold or tepid baths. You can try tepid baths with ½ cup of baking soda and ½ cup cornstarch mixed with the water in a half-filled bathtub. This offers some relief from the skin itchiness and irritation brought about by the hives.

You can also take warm baths, adding ¼ cup of plain oatmeal in the water. The oatmeal acts as a soothing agent to provide temporary relief. You may put in cornstarch and baking soda as well for itch soothing.

Natural Creams

Oxyhives Review said that you can rub vitamin E oil such as coconut oil, aloe vera gel, calamine lotion, alkaline solution such as Milk of Magnesia, pineapple, inexperienced tea over the affected area to reduce itchiness, to relieve pain, to reduce allergic reaction duration and to ease discomfort.

Mixtures can also be used, i.e., alum and red ochre in equal amounts, oatmeal with warm water, 25 ml. of vinegar and 35 ml. of rose water, grapefruit seed extract with water.

You can use only non-toxic, botanical free hypoallergenic solutions for your skin, hair and body care according to the Oxyhives Review.

Food and Drinks

In the Oxyhives Review you can gobble food rich in zinc and vitamins C and E. You can take processed meals off from your everyday diet according to the Oxyhives Review.

You can drink herbal teas such as camomile, valerian, peppermint, inexperienced for skin soothing. You can also drink a mixture of 7 gms. mint, 25 gm. brown sugar and 175 ml. water. You can also blend an organic inexperienced smoothie according to the Oxyhives Review.


According to the Oxyhives Review you can wear loose-fitting lightweight clothes during the presence of the hives symptoms. You can also try to work and sleep in a cool room.

Hives Medicine

The Oxyhives Review also listed down the top 5 antihistamines prescribed for the treatment of hives.


Antihistamine is considered to be the best hives medicine. It is not expected to treat hives but to give relief to the itching associated with it and to reduce its number appearing in your body.


In the Oxyhives Review Benadryl is both a prescription and over the counter drug, also known as diphenhydramine. It is considered to be the foremost among the antihistamines as far as hives symptoms treatment is concerned. The good in Benadryl is that the body does not build a tolerance level for it so you can take it again and again and you will find no degradation in its effectiveness. The bad in it is that it results to drowsiness.


Zyrtec is one of the new over the counter antihistamines, also referred to as cetirizine. It is known for treating both indoor and outdoor allergies and helps in hives treatment as well according to the Oxyhives Review.


In the Oxyhives Review , Atarax is a prescription antihistamine that is known to be effective within 30 minutes from the time it is taken and work up to 4-6 hours after. It is also known as hydroxyzine, it comes in 3 forms: tablet, capsule or syrup.


Periactin is one of the veteran antihistamines, also called cyproheptadine. It is used for a number of allergy symptoms, including hives, but is not advised to be taken by people afflicted with glaucoma.


Another one of the newer prescribed antihistamines is Clarinex, also referred to as desloratadine. Just like Periactin, it is used for a number of allergy symptoms, including hives. It should not be taken, however, if one is allergic to loratadine.

Oxyhives Review - Side Effects

In the Oxyhives Review the more common side effects of antihistamines are drowsiness, restlessness, nervousness and upset stomach. The less common ones include dry mouth, dry nose, irritability, breathing difficulty and vision blurring.

According to the Oxyhives Review not really a side effect, but more of a limitation of antihistamines is that the body tends to develop a tolerance level with them. After taking a particular antihistamine for a period of 3 months, you will notice a decrease in its effectiveness. To get around this limitation, doctors usually advise you to change antihistamine brands every 3 months to get the effectiveness that you expect from them.

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